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Know more about SEO and How company deal with it.

What is SEO?

93% of online activity begins with a search engine. It is therefore essential that your business is visible and easily discoverable in Google and other search engines in order to achieve success online.

Have a great-looking website but not enough online business?? Our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) service is here for you....

Your website may be up and running, but you need it to start working for you by generating enquiries and interest from your audience. The higher your website ranks in a search the greater your potential for attracting customers. We can provide customized SEO service to suit your unique business needs

Kingsoftware is search engine optimization company in London. Our SEO expert can help improve your business by crafting a bespoke SEO strategy, providing regular updates and monthly reports, helping your business gain organic ranking on page one on Search Engine for the most effective keywords for your target market. In short we are best internet marketing and SEO company which can build you a platform for Search Engine Marketing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the ongoing vital process to not only bring but keep your website on higher position on these search engines.

SEO is a measurable, repeatable process used to send message to search engines to display your pages on first page.


Up to 7 pages : Homepage with J query banner
  • Simple, Static Design with 3 banners
  • Responsive Website open on any device
  • Contact us Form
  • 5 emails & 5 free photoes
  • Free domain for 1 year
  • Free initial SEO
  • Free Social Media Integration
  • Free Online Payment Integration


Up to 15 pages : homepage with J query banner
  • Dynamic Design with 3 banners
  • Responsive Website open on any device
  • Multiple forms according to requirements
  • Unlimited emails & 10 free photoes
  • Free SMO & SEO for 3 months
  • Free Online Payment Integration
  • Free Basic Admin Panel


CMS website + Admin Panel
  • Fully customized design with 6 banners
  • Multiple forms according to requirements
  • Unlimited emails & 20 free photos
  • Tailor made Admin Software
  • Free SMO & SEO for 3 months
  • Free Online Payment integration
  • Free Newsletter Subscription
  • Free Google Friendly sitemap

Your website may be up and running, and still not generating enquiries and interest from the customers?

Looking for Greater Lead Generation and Increased Visitors for your website but wondering how to go about SEO?....for all contact us..


The world of SEO and search engines such as Google are continuously changing and understanding Google is very time consuming. To make your website successful within the search engines, you need time, knowledge and energy to focus on learning about the constant work that is involved with keeping your website Google friendly.

Google has an algorithm; a complex mathematical formula which gives a score to every website and every search people do in Google to figure out which website should rank best for that search. Your website can get higher search engine ranking by having the highest score in terms of quality of your site, authority of your website, and highest score in terms of the most trusted store/source for that search that people are looking for. So optimizing your site for search results really means getting the highest score in as many of these points as you can.

It is all about creating quality content and promoting your website correctly overtime to increase organic rankings and conversions.


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SEO Expert: process of organic search engine optimization

  1. Choose a great domain name
  2. Research the right keywords for product/service
  3. Craft the content of website
  4. Optimise the coding of website; on page SEO
  5. Technical setup
  6. Earn links; off page SEO
  7. Testing
Our Development starts and finishes on completion of all the above stages.


The optimization of a website for search engines requires regular monitoring and evaluation to keep its effectiveness, and so it is an ongoing process as...

  1. The competition never stops
  2. New keywords and niches emerge all the time
  3. Priorities will change over time
  4. Keep your business at the forefront of your industry all time.


Our SEO team constantly keep the track of your website’s Search Engine performance and adjusts where necessary. Our team is always there for you to help with:

  1. Competitors Analysis
  2. Content Creation
  3. LIVE Rankings Solution - check ranks daily
  4. Email & Phone Support

Kingsoftware team will keep you updated with your comprehensive monthly report on SEO.

Looking to build your New Website, or looking for Strategy to make your product work or deliver better results, get in touch today.

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