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Know more about image optimization by Search Engine


Created by Vicky Parekh on Date: 22/06/2018

Without knowing how to categorize an image, the page will not be properly indexed and ranked by the search engines. This will present a big impact on your website’s SEO, which can be compounded further as more products and images as well are added into your listings.

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Include proper descriptive information with your Image ALT Tags, including proper keyword phrases as well as other information that will help search engines know what the image is all about, and search users rely on when searching for images about a particular product or brand.

Search engines and other robots cannot interpret images, but images can play a crucial part in how people interpret a particular web page. Alt tags solve for this by providing text which is read by the search engines. When Googlebot or other search engine crawlers inspect a page, images with properly formatted alt text contribute to how the page is indexed and where it ranks.

To ensure barrier-free surfing on desktops and screen readers for your visitors, you should always include images with ALT and title attributes. For faster crawling and proper orientation of your graphics, the placement of sensible descriptions is worth its weight in gold. This will improve your loading time and thus your usability, which are important factors for surfing on mobile devices.