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How important keywords in Search Engine Optimization


Created by Vicky Parekh on Date: 22/06/2018

Search engine robots crawl websites to check for relevant information that they can match with search queries. Without good information, search engines will have no way of knowing what your website is all about and will of course not rank you in search results related to the products you are selling in your e-commerce websites.

Many e-commerce sites make the mistake of posting only pictures of the products, short title and the price of the product. However, search engine robots do not look at images in the same manner as people do – and would depend on other information that will help them index your pages for future search queries.

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  • Use keywords based on what your targeted audiences use for searching for the type of products you present in your e-commerce website. Do not over-optimize your pages with keywords however, such as repeatedly using these keywords all throughout the page.
  • Category pages are better presented with good introductory content for both SEO and providing value to search users. Make use of descriptive and informative text that will tell audiences what your pages are all about.
  • Avoid using standard product descriptions that come from the manufacturers (which in many cases are done in poorly written English) or duplicate those found from other e-commerce websites
  • Add more detailed information that targeted users may be looking for like how the products were made, raw materials used, unique features, and other information that targeted readers may find relevant and interesting
  • Make sure product description is uploaded to the product page itself and not through I-frames which will function poorly from an SEO perspective